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I Cant Get Started - Al Hirt - The High-Flying Trumpet Of Al Hirt (Vinyl, LP)

Dean Martin. Listen at:. Enjoy some fine period instrumentals with I Cant Get Started - Al Hirt - The High-Flying Trumpet Of Al Hirt (Vinyl Kaempfert and Raymond Lefevere. Ella Fitzgerald sings some I Cant Get Started - Al Hirt - The High-Flying Trumpet Of Al Hirt (Vinyl Cole Porter.

Hear songs by Dusty Springfield, Dean Martin and more. Hear Sammy Davis Jr. On The Neon Beat this week, Jukebox 1: Petula Clark kicks off this set with a hit song she begged her producer not to release. Bill Murray channeled this fellow for his singing lounge act schtick for Saturday Night Live. Listen to Sergio Mendez, Patti Page and more.

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Eddie Peabody: Mr. Banjo's Back in Town LP Billy Vaughn: Embraceable You! Capitol Symphony Orchestra: Tempo Espanol! Mills Brothers: Anytime! Harmonicats: Featuring Heartaches LP ? Fats Domino: Blueberry Hill! Renowned today the world over as notorious gangsters, the Kray brothers have been immortalized in books, including Profession of Violence and Reg's own autobiography Born Fighter, and one feature film The Kraysand were even memorably satirized in one Monty Python sketch "The Piranha Brothers".

They were among the top crime kingpins in London at the time, and among their other enterprises, they had an interest in a few clubs, and thought at one point that a more direct participation in the entertainment business might prove lucrative. And yes, it sounds funny to read it, or even to write it, but that is exactly how Morris Levy, an American gangster and club owner, came to go into the record and publishing business in New York, and ended I Cant Get Started - Al Hirt - The High-Flying Trumpet Of Al Hirt (Vinyl founding Roulette Records.

Thus, they signed the group and became the Shots' managers, but were never able to do anything with them in terms of bookings -- strong-arming clubs for "protection" money was more their specialty than lining up engagements.

The band decided to abandon the contract, and when they were served with an injunction, they were left unable to perform. As luck would have it, however, they still had a publishing and recording contract with Babson and access to his studio, and so they took advantage of their ban on performing by writing and making records.

Indeed, thanks to the fact that they were barred from performing as a band, the Shots probably had more free time to write and record than any working group in England even the Beatles were touring in those days, though not for much longer.

It was during this period that they also decided to change their name, dropping the Shots -- no one remembered the Moonshots by this time, anyway -- in favor of the Smoke. One of the songs they came up with was "My Friend Jack," a mod-flavored psychedelic number authored by Rowley and Gill.

With its march beat and mix of shimmering and crunchy reverb-laden guitar, it was a catchy, striking, aggressively trippy work -- in America, it would've been called psychedelic punk -- that now seems like the most delightfully subversive piece of freakbeat, somewhere midway between the Who 's power-chord-drenched teen anthems and the trippy cheerfulness of, say, "Dr. Robert" by the Beatles.

Its drug references were so potent that the song had to be rewritten before EMI would touch it; released in February of -- a period in which "Penny Lane" and "Strawberry Fields Forever" were as challenging or ambitious as the label wanted to be -- the single only made it to number 45 before being banned by the BBC, limiting it to three weeks on the U.

They were now stars, although not in the place they'd expected to be. They delivered this in the form of It's Smoke Timecomprised of the best of the year-old tracks recorded for Babson in the spring, summer, and fall of The band actually relocated to Germany, while continuing to release records in England -- their recording contract was sold to Chris Blackwell in lateand he soon took over their management as well; they were free of their obligations to the Krays by then who had, in any case, been distracted by a gang war and a prosecution.

They cut some fine psychedelia and crossed paths with the members of Traffic in the studio during this period. Mick Rowley remained in Germany, where, as the voice and frontman for the band, he had a natural following. A latter-day version of the Smoke -- principally organized around Zeke Lund -- surfaced in a distinctly '70s mode early in the ensuing decade but made no great impression on anyone. Meanwhile, "My Friend Jack" lingered in the memory of music mavens for its cheerful brand of psychedelic punk, and even It's Smoke Time -- an incredible obscurity outside of Germany -- enjoyed a reputation as one of the most cheerful records ever made.

By the mid-'90s there were reissues of the single and the LP on CD, and in a comprehensive double CD of the complete work of the '60s and '70s versions of the band was available.

Also :. The Byrds' second album, Turn! Tambourine Man. They couldn't maintain such a level of consistent magnificence, and the follow-up was not quite as powerful or impressive. It was still quite good, however, particularly the ringing number one title cut, a classic on par with the "Mr.

Tambourine Man" single. The Byrds - Mr. Tambourine Man The Byrds - Preflyte plus Rarities. Although they only attained the huge success of the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and the Beach Boys for a short time in the mid-'60s, time has judged the Byrds to be nearly as influential as those groups in the long run.

They were not solely responsible for devising folk-rock, but they were certainly more responsible than any other single act Dylan I Cant Get Started - Al Hirt - The High-Flying Trumpet Of Al Hirt (Vinyl for melding the innovations and energy of the British Invasion with the best lyrical and musical elements of contemporary folk music.

The jangling, string guitar sound of leader Roger McGuinn's Rickenbacker was permanently absorbed into the vocabulary of rock.

They also played a vital role in pioneering psychedelic rock and country-rock, the unifying element being their angelic harmonies and restless eclecticism. Often described in their early days as a hybrid of Dylan and the Beatles, the Byrds in turn influenced Dylan and the Beatles almost as much as Bob and the Fab Four had influenced the Byrds. Although the Byrds had perfected their blend of folk and rock when their debut single, "Mr.

Tambourine Man," topped the charts in mid, it was something of a miracle that the group had managed to coalesce in the first place. Not a single member of the original quintet had extensive experience on electric instruments.

Jim McGuinn he'd change his first name to Roger a few years laterDavid Crosby, and Gene Clark were all young veterans of both commercial folk-pop troupes and the acoustic coffeehouse scene. David Crosby soon joined to make them a trio, and they made a primitive demo as the Jet Set that was nonetheless bursting with promise.

With the help of session musicians, they released a single on Elektra as the Beefeaters that, while a flop, showed them getting quite close to the folk-rock sound that would electrify the pop scene in a few months. The band was so lacking in equipment in their early stages that Clarke played on cardboard boxes during their first rehearsals, but they determined to master their instruments and become a full-fledged rock band many demos from this period would later surface for official release.

They managed to procure a demo of a new Dylan song, "Mr. Tambourine Man"; by eliminating some verses and adding instantly memorable string guitar leads and Beatlesque harmonies, they came up with the first big folk-rock smash though the Beau Brummels and others had begun exploring similar territory as well. For the "Mr. Tambourine Man" single, the band's vocals and McGuinn's inimitable Rickenbacker were backed by session musicians, although the band themselves contrary to some widely circulated rumors performed on their subsequent recordings.

The first long-haired American group to compete with the British Invasion bands visually as well as musically, the Byrds were soon anointed as the American counterpart to the Beatles by the press, legions of fans, and George Harrison himself. Their debut LP, Mr. Tambourine Man, was a fabulous album that mixed stellar LP) of Dylan and Pete Seeger tunes with strong, more romantic and pop-based originals, usually written by Gene Clark in the band's early days.

A few months later, their version of Seeger's "Turn! While their second LP Turn! In earlythe "Eight Miles High" single heralded the birth of psychedelia, with its drug-like intentionally or otherwise lyrical imagery, rumbling bassline, and a frenzied McGuinn guitar solo that took its inspiration from John Coltrane and Indian music. The reason for his resignation, ironically, was fear of flying, although other pressures were at work as well.

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