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DJ Lobo (2) - One Reason To Dance (File)

Narrator : … having reached a height of 9, feet within a few days… Servo [as Narrator] : And then tragedy struck — we ran out of stock footage! Maybe we can get some water up there.

Artur : Also, I'd like to save those two bottles of beer. Let me dip it in water first. Joel : Hey, it's Dale Evans, and I thought she was stuffed! Crow : Only mounted. Velazco reviews their situation. Velazco : But we have a few advantages against this enemy. First— Servo [as Velazco] : We're small. We can run fast. Velazco : Plus, we have the daylight hours to try to find and destroy it.

Secondly, they're somewhat slow and lethargic. Crow [as Velazco] : And we have giant foot pincers! Uh, no, wait — that's the scorpion's good point. Canned people. Scorpions just love trains.

Crow : I'm for it. Joel [as Tooter Turtle] : Hellllp, Mr. Crow [as Other Astronaut] : Nonsense! Servo [as King Arthur] : Run away! Run away! Joel [as Tooter Turtle] : I don't wanna be an astronaut anymore! We gotta get outta here, Scooby! Crow [as Mr. Wizard] : Dreezle drazzle drozzle drome!

Servo [as Mr. Wizard] : Time for zis vun to come home! Nothing more depressing than being locked in a capsule watching a movie about people dying in a capsule. Joel : Yeah, why couldn't you just show us Marooned? Forrester : We DJ Lobo (2) - One Reason To Dance (File) get it! The Sidehackers [ edit ] [Rommel and Rita roll around in some grass while the scene fades using a white-out effect] Joel : This grass Paisley : Why can't I reach you?

Crow : There's a ladder in the way. Crow : Not a good brother Big Jake : He hit Big Jake! Jungle Goddess [ edit ] The Phantom Creeps, Chapter 1 short [ edit ] [Crow continues his Lugosi monologue about the actors as the credits list the remaining players. I say, " Shoot the picture!

Let God sort it out. Of course, that wouldn't mean anything to DJ Lobo (2) - One Reason To Dance (File), either. Kronotite is stuff that they use in the manufacture of atomic energy. Joel [as Mike] : Saps all your powers if you're a visitor from a foreign planet.

It's kronotite. Mike : Are you sure? Bob : I'd stake my life on it. Crow : That's already in the kitty, Bob. Crow : White fascist getting smart? School must've assigned you a keeper. Don Pringle : Don Pringle. Crow [as Don] : Heir to the potato chip fortune. I hate impressionists! Servo : PrinceI hope you're watching this!

Joel : I think a certain teen idol is hopped up on goofballs! Crow : Little Richard: the one true talent in this film! Katrina : His name is Angelo. Various Cascades : Yeah! Let's do something. Rocket Attack U.

Joel hosts. What three word slogan was coined during the Cold War as a schoolchild's best defense against an A-bomb attack?

Servo : Uh, uh, uh, duck and cover? Joel : Could you state in the form of a desperate cry to God to save you from an unholy death, please? Joel : Is right for five points. Joel [as Manston] : That's why we've got to crush them!

Joel : You mean an actor becoming President? Joel [as voice on other end] : Hello, are you wearing rubber underwear? General : Yes! Crow : [After a car has taken an abnormally long time to park] Nobody will be admitted during the breathtaking car-parking sequence! And I had the A. Mather gets off the phone with his girlfriend. Life does begin at My legs are old, my teeth are grey… [The scene in the graveyard fades to a close-up of a desk] Crow : I'm a lamp.

The Phantom Creeps, Chapter 3 short [ edit ] [Dr. Zorka shows the chauffeur the "source of his power," which looks like a patterned cube] Crow [as Bela Lugosi] : It's called a Rubiks Cube. Don't screw it up! Wild Rebels [ edit ] [Outside a bar, a scruffy motorcycle gang with skulls-and-crossbones on their jackets dismount and enter.

Don't eat 'em. Servo : If you take these bikers internally, do not induce vomiting. Crow : Nah, the movie'll do that for you. Like an ipecac. Joel : An epa— oh, that Genesis album? Joel [as Adman] : You beat the stuffing out of three preppies and given away the girl, but before the day is through, you'll take enough drugs to kill a horse. Now, it's Miller Time!

Erik Estrada! Lost Continent [ edit ] [A quick shot of a rocket on a launch pad. A V-2! Tom : Aw, I could've had a V8! Native Girl : [nervously] Nooo! Crow [as Native Girl] : Me no got lead sarong. Native Girl : Sacred mountain taboo! No one ever come back from home of god! Joel [as Native Girl] : Besides, you guys not see woman in long time.

Servo : Sidehackers. Artist : [Stumbling around drunk and high] Roses are green. Violets are red Is that like Mack the Knife? Joel : No, I think it's about a dog that changed its name. Crow [as Magee] : If you kill yourself here, you can't kill them over there. Commissioner Magee : …and maim our fellow countrymen, without malice, without hatred, without thinking. Would you wake up?! Come on! Crow [as Narrator] : Called "Blood Alley.

Joel [as Narrator] : It made you feel happy. Joel [as Narrator] : Let's watch the fun! The joke will be on Joe! As the cars approach each other, he plugs his ears, and closes his eyes tightly just before impact. King Dinosaur movie [ edit ] [Two "scientists" are watching a "menacing" iguana T. Bennett : Oh Ralph, what is it?! Crow : [yelling] It's an iguana, now shut up! First Spaceship on Venus [ edit ] [Brinkman runs up to Dr.

Sumiko, a female Asian crewmember, before the flight. Sumiko : Brinkman! Joel [as Brinkman] : Yeah, you used to be a Swedish man! A rockslide showers Brinkman and Sumiko. Sikarna gives a long boring exposition] Crow : Well, that's very interesting, but does it belong in the script? Godzilla vs. On shore, Goro glances at Jinkawa. The rocket! Servo : [Snorts] Rockets! Crow : On a picnic? Rokuro : Help me! Hurry up! Joel : Hey, you're in no position to make demands, kid! Servo : Yep!

Crow [as Picnicker] : Well, let's go on a picnic. Let's see, we got our food, beverages, and 50 feet of uncoiled rope… [Goro, Jinkawa, and Rok-san return to the laboratory.

Our most valuable resource? He's a maniac! A maniac! And he's dancing like he's never danced before! He's a steel town boy on a Saturday Willard] : Saigon. I can't believe I'm in a model of Saigon. Servo : [Sarcastically] No, it's another superhero of your own design! Goro : They're controlling him. Rok-san : It's a pity we can't send Jet Jaguar to go and get Godzilla! Crow : Yeah, it's a pity we can't kill you and get away with it!

Joel : Um, no. Servo : Not this kid. Crow : He's got a foreign object! Servo : He is a foreign object! And I'm all out of sushi. The latter stands over him, gloating. I expect you to die! Servo : Oh, very good, guys. Uh, kind of a James Bond thing there. Your father was a lizard! Your mother was an A-bomb! Your uncle was a robot! Servo [as Goro] : Thanks for leveling our country! Let's go home! I'll be home crushing your house!

Whadda ya think I am, Tippi Hedren? Get outta here! Double-O crab. Servo : Oh, Miles O' Keefe! Ator : Man's destiny is predetermined. Joel : Oh, he's a Calvinist! Mila is able to run away, so they follow chase. Servo [as Mila] : What would MacGyver do? Servo : Oh, you mean the '80s. These must be the "Cave Dwellers"!

Servo : Yes ladies and gentlemen, thirty-five minutes into the film and we finally have our first plot point! Servo : That's 'cause it's made out of velour. Servo : Just cut the wires, Ator! Crow : What the…?! Servo : [laughs] Joel : Terrific. I have slipped the surly bounds of Earth and touched the hand of God!

Servo : This is a little ridiculous. Okay, so… he kills a deer, he tans the hides, he stretches the skins, he makes an anodized aluminum frame, he learns how to extrude and weld… all in about five minutes, huh? Oh, he also made bombs while he was up there. Joel : Looks like he's gonna carpet-bomb. Joel : How'd he do that? Servo [as Ator] : How'd I do that? Crow : Yeah, and it's made out of coconuts. Gamera [ edit ] [Gamera's beady eyes watch Kenny as he flees from the rocky sea cliff.

Because they['ve] never tasted hell. Today, we turn the tables! Servo : [defensive] Shut up! It's not funny.

Servo : [beginning to get a little sad] Oh Tibby Kenny : Tibby? Crow Servo : It's not- Stop it! Shut up! Kenny : Tibby! Crow [as Kenny] : Tibby! Aww, Tibby! Servo : [getting more emotional] That's not funny!

Joel, tell him to stop! Kenny : Tibby??? Joel : What are you worried about? Tibby's long dead, Tom. Servo : [gets up and begins to walk away] I'm leaving! I ha- [sobbing] I can't take this, this is terrible! Joel : Come on back, come on. Servo : [returning to his seat] Will you stop with the jokes? Murase and the General. Don't shoot Gamera! He's good, he's good! Murase] : Let's listen to what Kenny has to say! Most types of hurdy-gurdy were essentially extinct by the early twentieth century, but a few have survived.

In Ukrainea variety called the lira was widely used by blind street musicians, most of whom were purged by Stalin in the s see Persecuted bandurists. The hurdy-gurdy tradition is well-developed particularly in HungaryPolandBelarus and Ukraine. In Ukraine, it is known as the lira or relia.

It was and still is played by professional, often blind, itinerant musicians known as lirnyky. Their repertoire has mostly para-religious themes. Most of it originated in the Baroque period. In Eastern Ukraine, the repertoire includes unique historic epics known as dumy and folk dances.

Lirnyky were categorised as beggars by the Russian authorities and fell under harsh repressive measures if they were caught performing in the streets of major cities untilwhen the authorities were asked by ethnographers attending the 12th All-Russian Archaeological conference to stop persecuting them. The hurdy-gurdy is the instrument played by Der Leiermannthe street musician portrayed in the last, melancholy song of Schubert 's Winterreise.

It is also featured and played prominently in the film Captains Courageous as the instrument of the character Manuel, acted by Spencer Tracy. The instrument came into a new public consciousness when Donovan released his hit pop song, " Hurdy Gurdy Man ", in Although the song does not use a hurdy-gurdy, the repeated reference to the instrument in the song's lyrics sparked curiosity and interest among young people, eventually resulting in an annual hurdy-gurdy music festival in the Olympic Peninsula area of the state of Washington each September.

Today, the tradition has resurfaced. As the instrument has been revived, musicians have used it in a variety of styles of music see the list of recordings that use hurdy-gurdyincluding contemporary forms not typically associated with it.

A person who plays the hurdy-gurdy is called a hurdy-gurdist, or particularly for players of French instruments viellist.

In France, a player is called un sonneur de vielle literally: " a sounder of vielle "un vielleux or un vielleur. Because of the prominence of the French tradition, many instrument and performance terms used in English are commonly taken from the French, and players generally need to know these terms to read relevant literature.

Such common terms include the following:. According to the Oxford English Dictionarythe mid 18th century origin of the term hurdy-gurdy is onomatopoeic in origin, after the repetitive warble in pitch that characterizes instruments with solid wooden wheels that have warped due to changes in humidity or after the sound of the buzzing-bridge. The instrument is sometimes more descriptively called a wheel fiddle in English, but this term is rarely used among players of the instrument.

An alternate German name, Bauernleiermeans "peasant's lyre". In the Basque language, it is known as a zarrabete. In Portugal, it is called sanfona. Another Hungarian name for the instrument is nyenyerewhich is thought to be an onomatopoeic reference to the repetitive warble produced by a wheel that is not even.

This term was considered derogatory in the Hungarian lowlands, but was the normal term for the instrument on Csepel island directly south of Budapest. In Poland it is called "cranked lyre" lira korbowa.

Leierlantand related terms today are generally used to refer to members of the lute or lyre family, but historically had a broader range of meaning and were used for many types of stringed instruments. In the eighteenth century, the term hurdy-gurdy was also applied to a small, portable barrel organ or street organ a cranked box instrument with a number of organ pipes, a bellows and a barrel with pins that rotated and programmed the tunes that was frequently played by poor buskersstreet musicians specifically called organ grinders.

Such organs require only the turning of the crank to play; the music is coded by pinned barrels, perforated paper rolls, and, more recently, by electronic modules.

A number of regional forms developed, but outside France the instrument was considered a folk instrument and there were no schools of construction that could have determined a standard form. Why does he get so much publicity? Because he's white. You never hear about a black player being the greatest". Although teammate Thomas supported him, he endured harsh criticism, but avoided being called a racist because, according to him, his own girlfriend Anicka "Annie" Bakes was white.

In the following —88 seasonRodman steadily improved his stats, averaging In Game Six, the Pistons were down by one point with eight seconds to go; Dumars missed a shot, and Rodman just fell short of an offensive rebound and a putback that could have won the title.

In Game Seven, L. But then, he fouled Magic Johnsonwho hit a free throw, missed an ill-advised shot with 39 seconds to go, and the Pistons never recovered. Rodman remained a bench player during the —89 seasonaveraging 9. In that season, the Pistons finally vanquished their playoffs bane by sweeping the Boston Celtics, then winning in six games versus the Chicago Bulls —including scoring champion Michael Jordan —and easily defeating the Lakers 4—0 in the NBA Finals.

Although he was hampered by back spasms, Rodman dominated the boards, grabbing 19 rebounds in Game 3 and providing tough interior defense. In the —90 seasonDetroit lost perennial defensive forward Rick Mahorn when he was taken by the Minnesota Timberwolves in that year's expansion draft and ended up on the Philadelphia 76ers when the Pistons could not reacquire him.

It was feared that the loss of Mahorn — average in talent, but high on hustle and widely considered a vital cog of the "Bad Boys" teams — would diminish the Pistons' spirit, but Rodman seamlessly took over his role. Averaging 8. Rodman suffered from an injured ankle and was often replaced by Mark Aguirre, but even without his defensive hustle, Detroit beat Portland in five games and claimed their second title.

During the —91 seasonRodman finally established himself as the starting small forward of the Pistons. He played such strong defense that the NBA stated he "could shut down any opposing player, from point guard to center". It was in the —92 season where Rodman made a remarkable leap in his rebounding, collecting an astounding Rodman and Annie Bakes, the mother of his daughter Alexis, were divorcing [29] after a short marriage, an experience which left him traumatized.

He had driven to The Palace of Auburn Hills in February late one night carrying a loaded rifle in his truck, debating whether or not he wanted to continue living. Eventually he fell asleep in the truck, where he was found by police who had been called to perform a welfare check on Rodman by a friend. It was in that moment that he had an epiphany : "I decided that instead [of killing myself] I was gonna kill the impostor that was leading Dennis Rodman to a place he didn't want to go So I just said, 'I'm going to live my life the way I want to live it and be happy doing it.

I killed the person I didn't want to be. In the following —95 seasonRodman clashed with the Spurs front office. He was suspended for the first three games, took a leave of absence on November 11, and was suspended again on December 7. He finally returned on December 10 after missing 19 games. Normally, he would not have qualified for any season records for missing so many games, but by grabbing rebounds, he just surpassed the rebound limit for listing players and won his fourth straight rebounding title by averaging However, things fell apart in the playoffs.

During the second round series against the Los Angeles Lakers, Rodman was suspended for insubordination for sitting on the floor with his shoes off during a timeout. The Rockets had only recorded 47 wins and had to come back from a deficit to win their previous series against the Phoenix Suns, but the team was the defending NBA champion and it was thought that Rockets center Hakeem Olajuwon would have a hard time asserting himself versus Robinson and Rodman, who had both been voted into the NBA All-Defensive Teams.

The Spurs, however, were never able to stop Olajuwon as he averaged Rodman admitted his frequent transgressions, but asserted that he lived his own life and thus a more honest life than most other people:.

I just took the chance to be my own man I just said: "If you don't like it, kiss my ass. Most people around the country, or around the world, are basically working people who want to be free, who want to be themselves.

They look at me and see someone trying to do that I'm the guy who's showing people, hey, it's all right to be different. And I think they feel: "Let's go and see this guy entertain us. Prior to the —96 seasonRodman was traded to the Chicago Bulls of perennial scoring champion Michael Jordan for center Will Perdue to fill a large void at power forward left by Horace Grantwho left the Bulls prior to the —95 season.

Under coach Phil Jacksonhe averaged 5. On the court, me and Michael are pretty calm and we can handle conversation. But as far as our lives go, I think he is moving in one direction and I'm going in the other. I mean, he's goin' north, I'm goin' south. And then you've got Scottie Pippen right in the middle. He's sort of the equator. Although struggling with calf problems early in the season, Rodman grabbed 20 or more rebounds 11 times and had his first triple-double against the Philadelphia 76ers on January 16, scoring 10 points and adding 21 rebounds and 10 assists; by playing his trademark tough defense, he joined Jordan and Pippen in the All-NBA Defense First Team.

In the playoffsRodman scored 7. We controlled Dennis Rodman for four games. But Game 2 and tonight, he was the DJ Lobo (2) - One Reason To Dance (File) they were successful. In the —97 seasonRodman won his sixth rebounding title in a row with On January 15,he was involved in an incident during a game against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

After tripping over cameraman Eugene Amos, Rodman kicked Amos in the groin. He struggled to slow down Jazz power forward Karl Malonebut did his share to complete the six-game Bulls victory. The regular season of the —98 season ended with Rodman winning his seventh consecutive rebounding title with After playing strong defense on Malone in the first three games, [42] he caused major consternation when he left his team prior to Game Four to go wrestling with Hulk Hogan.

In Game Six, Jordan hit the decisive basket after a memorable drive on Jazz forward Bryon Russellthe DJ Lobo (2) - One Reason To Dance (File) won their third title in a row and Rodman his fifth ring.

Rodman garnered as much publicity for his public antics. He dated Madonna and claimed she tried to conceive a child with him. After the —98 seasonthe Bulls started a massive rebuilding phase, largely at the behest of then-general manager Jerry Krause. With his sister acting as his agent at the time, Rodman joined the Los Angeles Lakersfor a pro-rated salary for the remainder of the — season.

With the Lakers he played in only 23 games, in which he started in 11 of them and averaged 2 points and 11 rebounds per game, and was released in the offseason. In the — seasonthe thenyear-old power forward was signed by the Dallas Mavericksreturning Rodman to his hometown.

Dallas had won 10 of 13 before his arrival, but went just 4—9 until he was waived by the Mavericks. He played 12 games, received six technical fouls, was ejected twice, and served a one-game suspension.

After his NBA career, Rodman took a long break from basketball and concentrated on his film career and on wrestling. After a longer hiatus, Rodman returned to play basketball for the Long Beach Jam of the newly formed American Basketball Association during the —04 season, with hopes of being called up to the NBA midseason.

He also played in Mexico, with Fuerza Regia in The return to the NBA never materialized, but on January 26,it was announced that Rodman had signed a one-game "experiment" deal for the UK basketball team Brighton Bears of the British Basketball League to play Guildford Heat on January 28 [52] and went on to play three games for the Bears.

On April 27, they defeated a team of former Philippine Basketball Association stars in Mandaue CityCebu and Rodman scored five points and grabbed 18 rebounds. From the beginning of his career, Rodman was known for his defensive hustle, which was later accompanied by his rebounding prowess. In Detroit, he was mainly played as a small forwardand his usual assignment was to neutralize the opponent's best player; Rodman was so versatile that he could guard centers, forwards, or guards equally well [17] and won two NBA Defensive Player of the Year Awards.

From on, he established himself as one of the best rebounders of all time, averaging at least 15 rebounds per game in six of the next seven years. In addition, he had a career-high rebound game on March 4, On offense, Rodman's output was mediocre. He averaged The intention was to force him to attempt free throws, which in theory would mean frequent misses and easy ball possession without giving up too many points. However, this plan backfired, as Rodman hit 9 of the 12 attempts.

In 14 NBA seasons, Rodman played in games, scored 6, points, and grabbed 11, rebounds, translating to 7. Rodman was recognized as the prototype bizarre player, stunning basketball fans with his artificial hair colors, numerous tattoos and body piercings, multiple verbal and physical assaults on officials, frequent ejections, and his tumultuous private life.

At the March Uncensored event, he appeared as a member of the nWo. In a poorly received match, the two power forwards exchanged "rudimentary headlocks, slams and clotheslines" for 23 minutes. Rodman bested Malone again as he and Hogan picked up the win. This culminated in a match at Road Wild which Rodman lost.

He fought against i-Generation champion Curt Hennig in an Australian Outback match ; Hennig won the match by disqualification. Following the match, Rodman refrained from wrestling at the top level and retired. Rodman was the winner of the series, defeating other challengers such as Butterbean and Dustin Diamond.

A Polaroid picture of Rodman's eyeball is on the cover of the album No Codeand "Black, Red, Yellow", B-side of its lead single " Hail, Hail ", was written about Rodman and has him contribute a voice message. However, he resigned from the contest due to health problems. Rodman became Commissioner of the Lingerie Football League in Since his initial entry into acting, he has appeared in few acting roles outside of playing himself. Rodman has made an appearance in an episode of 3rd Rock from the Sun playing the character of himself, except being a fellow alien with the Solomon family.

Rodman has also appeared in several reality shows: DJ Lobo (2) - One Reason To Dance (File) JanuaryRodman appeared on the fourth version of Celebrity Big Brother in the UK, and on July 26,in the UK series Love Island as a houseguest contracted to stay for a week. Inhe appeared as a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice. Throughout the season, each celebrity raised money for a charity of their choice; Rodman selected the Court Appointed Special Advocates of New Orleans.

He was the fifth contestant eliminated, on March 29, Inhe appeared again as a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice. In MarchRodman arrived at the Vatican City during voting in the papal conclave for the selection of a new pope. By Beatrice Loayza. Mayday Drama, Fantasy, Mystery Directed by Karen Cinorre A group of female insurgents hunt down weary men in this halfhearted, half-feminist fantasy from Karen Cinorre.

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